About the waterpoint?

Water Coolers with a conscience

The Waterpoint has a unique approach to the supply of water coolers throughout the country. We use the motto "Water coolers with a conscience" for a number of reasons, not least of which is our commitment to plumbed coolers which provide great value and great taste to our customers whilst offering significant environmental benefits over bottled coolers.

We make a concerted effort to build long-term partnerships with every customer, relationships based on mutual trust and respect rather than terms and conditions. We are open to feedback and encourage our customers to discuss their concerns, ideas and questions with us.

When you get a water cooler from us, we'll do all the work. We'll advise you where best to site it, we'll install it free, we'll service it regularly, we'll sanitise it, we'll change the filters for you and give it a clean up every time we see it. All without prompting.

We'll also attach a service record so that you can see for yourself the last time the water cooler was serviced and that everything is running smoothly. If there is a problem you can email us, tweet us, facebook us, or call us directly, without having to wait in a call centre queue or know your customer number, and we'll make finding a solution for your problem our priority.

In everything that we do we place our customers' needs at the top of our list of priorities and we believe this is the reason for the high levels of customer satisfaction we encounter in our day-to-day dealings with individuals and businesses who have a Waterpoint cooler in their premises.

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