We're Carbon Neutral!

It is our absolute belief that our environment should be treated with respect and we are proud to be Scotland's only carbon neutral and carbon footprint approved water cooler company.
Carbon Neutral Company
When The Waterpoint was established in 2002 the environment was only a very small issue in most business's minds. It was something which we were aware of when we set up our operations however it was more of an ethical decision ( In that we could see very few benefit's bottled water coolers could offer against the plumbed and filtered variety) that led us to become a specialised plumbed water cooler supplier.

Top of our list of the benefits for plumbed coolers was the lack of bottles required, little did we know it at the time but this still goes to the very heart of the sustainability benefits of plumbed water coolers. The benefits of removing the bottles are principally twofold :-

CO2e Assessed1) The bottles themselves (of which there are many million required*) are made of plastic that require oil to produce. Once produced the bottles then take between 450-1000** years to break down.

2) Delivery of the bottles relies heavily upon a supply chain made up of thousands of trucks and vans, the vast majority of which run on diesel (again on oil based product). Not only does this vast fleet of vehicles use an enormous amount of oil but they also take up a large amount of road space, especially in city centres where the demand is highest.

The removal of the bottles allowed us to essentially 'fit and forget' our machines rather than constantly be resupplying our customers with water. By professionally filtering the water inside the machine we were able to install a machine and then only visit it several times a year to change the filters and sanitise it. This is a much more efficient and crucially much cheaper and more sustainable system to providing office drinking water.

Having established a faithful customer base in our first couple of years we decided to move things up a level and became carbon neutral in 2005, 3 years after our inception. At the time there weren't many companies looking at their carbon footprint or how sustainable they were let alone how they should offset their operations. The company we chose to use, Carbon Footprint were still a relatively small and unknown company in those days and when we called them the phone was answered by John Buckley who turned out to be (and still remains) the Managing Director. John was happy to guide us through the process and as far as we could assess we were the first water cooler company in the UK to become carbon neutral.

In addition to making our own operations Carbon neutral we also now offer our customers the option to offset their cooler's footprint (essentially we have worked out how much power each machine uses in a year) so that not only are our operations carbon neutral but the power our coolers use are too.

We continue to grow and change and look for ways to improve both our business and how sustainable we are. We now use biodegradable products for the sanitisation and maintenance of our coolers, recycle our filters where possible and also promote the use of recyclable cups and the save-a-cup scheme which you can read more about at www.save-a-cup.co.uk

As people catch on to the benefits of plumbed water coolers the number in the Uk continued to increase*** and we hope that this is something that continues. The more companies that use them the bigger the change we can make to the environment and hopefully after reading a little bit about The Waterpoint's position on the matter it's something you'd like us to help you with..

We hope to speak to you shortly.


*Industry Statistics
**Green Answers

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