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Our Environmental Position

How many times a day do you see a water cooler truck or van delivering bottles? Chances are it's a fairly regular occurrence and there's a very good reason for that - last year there were over 400 million litres of water delivered in the UK by bottled water cooler companies. That works out at around 22 million large bottles delivered by a fleet of trucks and vans that don't have to be on the road, delivering water in plastic bottles that won't break down for hundreds of years. To put that into perspective if you laid all the bottles delivered last year end to end they'd go all the way round the world twice. The combined environmental cost of all this is significant...but we can offer an alternative.

By plumbing your cooler into the mains and then filtering the water inside the machine we remove the need for all these plastic bottles and therefore the need to deliver them and because, unlike most of our competitors, we use ONLY plumbed water coolers, we only need a very small fleet of vans (and no trucks) to install and regularly service our coolers throughout the country.

As far as we're aware we're the only water cooler company in UK that's both carbon neutral and carbon footprint approved.

In addition to being carbon neutral we are also taking the following actions:-

  • Offering our customers the chance to offset their cooler's carbon footprint
  • Recycling our filters where possible.
  • Promotion of the Save-a-Cup system of recycling plastic cups via our website
  • Encouraging our customers to use a glass instead of plastic cups to cut down on use of plastic.
  • Use of biodegradable products for service and sanitisation of our coolers.
  • Use of environmentally friendly gases in our coolers.
  • Adherence to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) legislation relating to responsible disposal of electrical equipment via our suppliers.
  • Design and implementation of a completely new & bespoke customer management system which allows production of highly efficient service routes.

In addition to doing our bit for the environment we also try to give back to the communities around us, The Waterpoint sponsors and contributes to numerous local events and initiatives and to date has undertaken the following major fundraising initiatives...

2008 - with the help from many customers and friends Waterpoint founder Jim Law undertook a charity trek in Peru and raised over £10,000 for leukaemia charity, The Anthony Nolan Trust.

2011 - The Waterpoint entered a team a team of 6 friends and colleagues into the Wildhearts Wolftrek. The Wolftrek is an epic undertaking, starting at 4pm in the afternoon and walking through the night across highland terrain towards the end point 45 miles down the track. 3 of the team dropped out at the 34 mile stage while the other 3 heroically made the full 45 miles and came home in highly respectable time of around 17 hrs, claiming 20th place out of over 300 starters.. In the course of the fundraising, the team arranged a successful Comedy night which raised just under £2000 in addition to the hundreds which were donated online. Wildhearts were so impressed by the comedy night idea that they asked Waterpoint owner Jim Law to become an ambassador for the charity and Jim will now be organising future comedy and music events in conjunction with the charity.

2012 – Second charity comedy night raises just under £2000 for Wildhearts in action.  Each £150 that wildhearts raise changes 21 lives every year from that year forward.. So over the course of 5 years £2000 raised will change the lives of around 1400 people in poverty stricken nations..

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