Why choose a Plumbed Water Coooler?

Introducing water coolers with a conscience

We all know about the curse of the water bottles around the office. They get in the way. There's no easy place to store them. They're heavy to carry. They have to be changed constantly. And you need to remember to order more before you run out.

So imagine a water cooler that's plumbed into the mains to give you an unlimited supply of water that's the same quality as that of bottled water coolers. Even better, it's environmentally friendly!

The Waterpoint is a Carbon neutral and Carbon Footprint approved water cooler Company who protect the environment by installing only plumbed water coolers, not environmentally costly bottled water coolers. Read more about the benefits below.

Compare Costs

Not only are our plumbed water coolers more convenient, they're far cheaper too – in the past we've managed to cut our customers' bottled water cooler costs by as much as 90%.. and with fuel costs continuing to rise the savings available are only like to increase.

In addition to the cost savings we also pride ourselves on being completely being transparent in our operations at all times, so there are no charges whatsoever for call outs or machine breakdowns and items like filters and machine sanitisation are also included. To top it all off we guarantee there will be no price increases without your consent for as long as you have the cooler.

Environmental Benefits

A plumbed water cooler from The Waterpoint takes away the need for so many plastic bottles. We don't have convoy of trucks running around the country delivering bottles and cups - in fact, we use an extremely small fleet of vehicles to service our coolers throughout the UK, reducing pollution and congestion and giving you a warm feeling inside knowing you've done your bit for the environment.

Plumbed to any location

We'll locate your cooler exactly where you want it. Our customers are constantly amazed by the fact that their cooler doesn't have to be located in their kitchen, beside a sink or close to some other water supply. Using the latest stealth installation techniques we can put your cooler virtually anywhere and once its done the pipes supplying the water will be virtually invisible.. To find out more about our installations please check our FAQ section.

Unlimited Supply

One of the main issues with a bottled cooler is the constant need for ordering and changing bottles This is especially problematic in hot periods of weather where the demand for resupply is greatest and delivery times can be long. With a plumbed cooler, as soon as you take a drink, the machine simply filters more water and refills the tank, so you should never run out again.. especially during high usage periods when you need it most.

Save Space

A fairly obvious one this, but changing to a plumbed cooler does away with the need to store loads of large plastic bottles (both refills and empties). Not only does this free up valuable space but it can dramatically improve the look of your office.

Save Time

With no more bottles to order and change and no more complicated invoices to check moving to a plumbed cooler can save you both time and effort.

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