water cooler installation

Free installation with all Rentals

Your water cooler will be installed, in your preferred location and at no cost to you, by a EPDWA certified technician. Prior to installation we will discuss your requirements and advise on the work we intend to carry out prior to commencement.

Contrary to popular perception there is no need to place your water cooler close to a sink or water source as our specialist team will ensure a supply of fresh, delicious water no matter where you situate it. We use the latest plumbing methods to ensure that all pipework is as well hidden and unobtrusive as possible and in many cases the tubing to the machine is virtually invisible once the work is complete.

Almost all installations are completed within an hour or two with minimal disruption to your home or office and with consideration to the people around us at all times. In the very unlikely event the certified installer is unable to carry out the work required we will bring in a qualified plumber to finish the work and make no additional charge for this. All machines come with dual shut off's, one at the water supply and one behind the cooler in order that the water can be very quickly cut off in the unlikely event that a problem arises. We can also add an internal leak prevention device, which will automatically cut off the supply to the machine should it detect water on the machine base, as an optional extra.

Buying your Water Cooler?

For the low cost £89 per cooler we will happily install your cooler for you in a discrete, professional and unobtrusive manner. Installations are in accordance with EPDWA guidelines and generally take around an hour. Free installations are available for coolers on our full service rental package. More information can be found about installations here.

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