The Waterpoint Guarantee

We know our customers rely on their water coolers to keep their staff and themselves refreshed and hydrated so outstanding customer service has always been a primary consideration at The Waterpoint. We pride ourselves in having happy, satisfied customers and are pleased to say we continue to boast a strong track record in this regard. Many of our original customers have remained with The Waterpoint since we started out in the water cooler business in 2002 and we have been delighted to receive many instances of positive feedback, referred business and sometimes a nice letter from our happiest customers.

Our customer service promise is simply characterised by The Waterpoint Service Guarantee:

"If your water cooler breaks down, for absolutely any reason, we will repair or replace it by the end of the following working day. No excuses, no ifs and no buts. In the highly unlikely event we don’t have your issue resolved by the end of the next working day we’ll give you that month’s rental free."

We fix it or it’s free – can’t say fairer than that!

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