Why choose the waterpoint?

No Long Term Contracts

We want you to stay with us because we provide great service at a fantastic price, not because we've tied you into a long term contract you can't get out of. We have absolute belief in the standard of service our company provides and for that reason we never insist on anyone signing a long term contract. All you're ever committed to is the invoice we send at the start of each quarter and if you're not happy with us at any stage you're free to walk away.

Try getting that kind of commitment from any of our competitors!

Best Advice

We'll recommend the water coolers we think would be most suitable for you - not the ones which are going to make us the most money - then once you have the right machine we'll perform the installation where you want, not where's quickest, cheapest and easiest for us. We're happy to offer advice on where we think would be the best location but if you're keen on a specific spot we'll happily make that happen without passing any additional cost on to you. We're also happy for you to speak to any of our hundreds of happy customers should you wish an independent assessment of our services.

Ongoing Service

We've heard a few horror stories about the water cooler industry from customers, from massive overcharging to three or even four week waits for repairs to coolers that haven't been serviced properly for 3 years; and we're committed to ensuring these issues are not going to happen to our customers. Once your machine is installed it goes into our database and we'll make sure that it's serviced, sanitised and has its filters changed at regular intervals at no cost to you.

Breakdowns – The Waterpoint Service Guarantee

Any breakdowns go straight to the top of our big old 'to do' pile as soon as they arrive and we'll guarantee to fix them or offer you a replacement machine by the end of the next working day. In the unlikely event we cannot fulfil this guarantee then our Waterpoint Service Guarantee* kicks in and you get the whole month for free.

The Waterpoint Price Guarantee

Once we agree a price with you we stick to it. After your cooler is installed the price will remain the same for as long as you keep it.

No Call Centres

We guarantee no 'your call is in a queue and you are valuable to us' scenarios.. We'll answer your call immediately and be as helpful and efficient as we possibly can any time you get in contact, whether its by phone, email or letter.. Even better than that we'll actually go out our way to make things easy for you rather than difficult.. So no more referring to the miniscule terms and conditions on the back of a contract that you didn't read 3 years ago or refusing to help until you give us your customer number. Revolutionary, we know!!

And finally...we're nice people

Seriously! We are. Nice people, you'll like us.

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